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Crossroads radio show on celebrating life with HIV in the poor suburbs of Paris

11 December 2006 (RFI)

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African immigrants in Europe [1] have seldom benefitted from AIDS prevention campaigns. In France, AIDS messages are reaching African immigrants via AIDS activists known as the Committee of Families. Radio France International’s Michel Arseneault caught up with them in a radio studio.

Surviving AIDS is a weekly programme broadcast from a small, community-access radio station is produced by the Committee of Families, an immigrant rights group. It’s about living with the virus, loving with the virus, and having healthy children despite the virus.

"It’s not a radio show about AIDS. It’s about speaking to the needs of people living with HIV," explains Reda Sadki, who’s been the show’s host for more than a decade.

Also available in English for your listening pleasure: The Roots of Revolt and Riot in France: CBC’s As It Happens


[1] Editor’s note: In France, the Arab community from North Africa was hard hit by the AIDS epidemic linked to the prohibition of drugs and clean needles. The radio show’s roots are in that history, even though today families of all backgrounds work in the Committee of Families.


A few of the motley crew from Survivre au sida pose for the camera

A few of the motley crew from Survivre au sida pose for the camera

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