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À propos du Comité des familles pour survivre au sida (2003–2013) | Congrès mondial du sida

Présentation of the Committee of families at the International AIDS Conference

3 July 2012 (

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The Committee of Families was created on June 14, 2003 by 60 families affected by HIV coming from the whole Ile-de-France region, in La Courneuve. The Committee is the result of a work of mobilization, self-help and support around the weekly radio show « Surviving AIDS » and its website, created in October 1995, to inform and give voice to people of immigrant background and/or coming from the suburbs living with AIDS. Families of the Committee organized since 2003, without any public or private funding until 2007, meetings and other events that mobilize and motivate people with HIV and their families to come forward, leaving shame and silence behind. Even for the most motivated activists, their own economic and social insecurity, and the burden of disease are making it difficult to be commited constantly. That is why the Committee, to develop its projects, submitted a first request for funding in 2006 to sustain the action of active militants and develop new projects that address the specific needs of families living with HIV. General objectives of the association : Contribute to the individual and collective emancipation, so that every family affected by HIV can become master of its destiny ; Refocus the fight against AIDS on the needs of couples and families.

Key actions

People who have been there organize consulting and listening, sessions especially for those who have just learned their diagnosis ; Mothers who have experienced the horror of the announcement of HIV seropositivity during pregnancy are mobilized, together with midwives, to accompany and support women who, still now, receive the bad news ; Dads, HIV positive or living in a sero-discordant couple, offer men peer support ; To encourage encounters between HIV positive singles, « séromantiques » evenings are organized by members of the association at the House of families ; People living with HIV respond to the invitation of teachers and educators to educate young people anout living with HIV and the treatments, in a double message of prevention and fight against discrimination ; People, who have often experienced themselves long hospitalizations, organize meals for people who must endure long hospital stays; We work hand in hand with medical specialists, either to contribute to the development of the anual yeni report or the opinions of the National AIDS Council, or on the ground, to be closer to those affected ; The members of the families organize meetings for parents and soon-to-be parents affected by HIV and invite specialists in prenancy, monitoring of children, and medically assisted procreation for meet, listen and talk with couples outside the scope of the consultation. Seminars are held at the Committee’s local to work on the development of the national mobilization of families living with HIV. Each week, people affected by HIV, often a member of the Committee, participate in the radio show « Surviving AIDS ». This program aims to give voice to people with HIV and those who love them and answer questions that matter to them.

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Présentation du Comité des familles pour la Conférence internationale sur le sida

Présentation du Comité des familles pour la Conférence internationale sur le sida

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